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Cottageville, South Carolina

" Cottageville, a warm and friendly community in Colleton County, South Carolina,..."

Cottageville, a warm and friendly community in Colleton County, South Carolina, celebrates its history of resourcefulness. During the Great Depression, a Cottageville couple lost their savings and supplemented their income by selling camellia plants. In their memory, the town officially adopted the camellia as its town flower and symbol.

Originally part of the Round O community, Cottageville residents wanted their own U.S. Post Office. They were granted one in the late 19th century, with its new name attributed at least in part to the Rev. Durant, the pastor of the town's Methodist church. He often referred to his own residence as "our cottage home." Cottageville's first public school opened its doors in 1893.

Colleton County, which stretches from the Atlantic coast westward, boasts abundant wildlife and a rural lifestyle. However, its towns are also within easy driving distance of the larger cities of Charleston and Summerville. Walterboro, the biggest town in Colleton County, is just 11 miles west of Cottageville.

Edisto River photo on a cloudy dayResidents of Cottageville get more real estate for their money. Most homes sit on large lots, and you won't find the crowded clusters of single-family homes prevalent in some nearby cities.

Cottageville is a quiet town, but, if you listen closely, you can detect the buzz of honeybees emanating from deep in the woods. While honeybees are disappearing at an alarming rate around the rest of the country, the bee colonies of South Carolina are thriving. Visitors and residents alike enjoy one of the most unusual stops along the back roads of the Lowcountry. An entire bee city on the banks of the Edisto River serves to educate countless schoolchildren every year about how important bees are to local crops such as watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries.

Cottageville and its neighboring towns are known as the gateway to the ACE Basin, which includes the Ashepoo, Combahee and Edisto Rivers. Offering a simpler and slower version of life, they also have been called the front porch of the Lowcountry.

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